Baculovirus stocks of common pharmacological target proteins.

Allele’s BaculoBank encompasses a group of Baculovirus stocks encoding common pharmacological target proteins. These pharmacological targets are native proteins in the human body commonly studied by pharmaceutical researchers because their activity can be modified by a drug resulting in a desirable therapeutic effect. With Baculovirus based protein expression, extremely high yields and timely turn-around can be achieved. A simple way to produce large amounts of commonly studied target proteins while slashing costs, time and labor.


Available Stocks:

Baculoviurs Stock Gene Symbol Species Catalog ID
B-cell lymphoma protein BCL2 Human ABP-BB-BVbcl2
Caspase 6 (long form) CASP6   ABP-BB-BVCASP6
Caspase 8 (short form) CASP8   ABP-BB-BVCASP8
Fibroblast growth factor 2 FGF 2   ABP-BB-BVFGF2
Fibroblast growth factor 6 FGF 6   ABP-BB-BVFGF6
Fibroblast growth factor 7 FGF 7   ABP-BB-BVFGF 7
Fibroblast growth factor 8 FGF 8   ABP-BB-BVFGF 8
Fibroblast growth factor 10 FGF 10   ABP-BB-BVFGF 10
Hepatocyte growth factor HGF   ABP-BB-BVHGF
LT-beta receptor FC LTBR Human ABP-BB-BVLTBR
Interleukin 2 IL2   ABP-BB-BVIL2
Interleukin 6 IL6   ABP-BB-BVIL6
Interleukin 10 His IL10 Mouse ABP-BB-BVIL10
Interleukin 12a IL12A   ABP-BB-BVIL12A
Interleukin 15 IL15   ABP-BB-BVIL15
Nerve growth facgtor alpha Ngfa Mouse ABP-BB-BVNgfa
Brain-derived neutrophic factor BDNF Human ABP-BB-BVBDNF
Neurotrophin 3 NTF3 Human ABP-BB-BVNTF3
TAP1 ABC transporter TAP1   ABP-BB-BVTAP1
TAP2   ABC transporter TAP2   ABP-BB-BVTAP2
SCYA chemokines SCYA2   ABP-BB-BVSCYA2
SCYA chemokines SCYA4   ABP-BB-BVSCYA4
Lymphotoxin Alpha TNFSF1   ABP-BB-BVTNFSF1
Lymphotoxin Beta TNFSF3   ABP-BB-BVTNFSF3
Lymphotoxin beta Tbfsf3 Mouse ABP-BB-BVTbfsf3
Lymphotoxin alpha    Tnfsf1 Mouse ABP-BB-BVTnfsf1
FYN tyrosine kinase FYN Human ABP-BB-BVFYN
Hck tyrosine kinase HCK Human ABP-BB-BVHCK
LCK tyrosine kinase LCK Human ABP-BB-BVLCK
LYN tyrosine kinase LYN Human ABP-BB-BVLYN
RAF1 Flag His RAF1 Human ABP-BB-BVRAF1
p53 GST TP53 Human ABP-BB-BVTP53
E6 oncoprotein   HPV11 ABP-BB-BVbcl36
Retinoblastoma protein His RB1 Human ABP-BB-BVRB1
Androgen receptor AR Human ABP-BB-BVAR
Glycoprotein 96 TRA1 Human ABP-BB-BVTRA1


Viral stocks are offered in two aliquot sizes: 30ml and 500ml.

Protein expression and purification of these stocks is also available as an additional service.



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