Cell Culture

GryphonTM Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines (Ampho and Eco)

GryphonTM Ampho and Eco packaging cell lines are second-generation retrovirus producer cell lines for the generation of helper free amphotropic and ecotropic retroviruses.  They are currently used in over 2500 laboratories for delivery of genes and libraries to cells for biomedical research.  The unique feature of this cell line is that it is highly transfectable with either calcium phosphate mediated transfection  or lipid-based transfection protocols—up to 50% or higher of cells can be transiently transfected.

Sf9 insect cells

The Sf9 cell line is highly susceptible to infection with AcNPV baculovirus; can be used with all baculovirus expression vectors; commonly used to isolate and propagate recombinant baculoviral stocks and to produce recombinant proteins.

T.ni insect cells

Capable of expressing significantly higher levels of secreted recombinant proteins compared to other insect cells. In addition, it offers faster doubling time when compared to Sf9 or Sf21. Allele’s T.ni Insect Cells have been adapted for growth in serum free medium.

LoxP-LacZ cell line

lacZ reporter in human TE671 cells. After adding Cre expression, a stop will be removed from the lacZ expression cassette and the cells will stain blue with X-Gal.

Feeder cells

• Low passage, already irradiated and tested for iPSCs and ESCs culture
• Provided as one-shot vials. Simply thaw and plate as feeder layers
• MEF for mouse as well as human fibroblasts.
• Expressing bFGF and LIF at appropriate levels, no need to supply recombinant bFGF and

LIF as medium supplement, providing extremely high efficiency and convenience for stem cell culturing.

Features of Allele Biotech’s Cell Culture Service:

  1. Economical pricing to fit your budget
  2. True custom service tailored to your specific requirements
  3. Experienced staff who will work with you on every step
  4. Time-tested, high-quality service standard

Depending on your research needs, you may choose any starting phase or combinations. The following services are available:

Cell Production

Cat #    ABP-CS-CCCP001


If your research requires cultures of transformed cells, primary cells, or stem cells; let us handle it for you. We can grow mammalian cells and insect cells in suspension or attached. Our research team is experienced with almost all types of culture formats such as traditional plates, flasks, roller bottles, and spinner cells.

Required Materials:  

Seed the cells. Please contact us should you prefer that we find the source of cells for you. We have access to hundreds of different primary cells and stem cells.


1)      Cell pellet in storage format specified by the customer

2)      Detailed research report

Duration: Variable

Price (USD): Pricing varies based on the project aspects (cell type, number of lines required, required assays and screening etc.)  Please contact us to discuss your project and receive a quote, email us at info@allelebiotech.com or call us at 858-587-6645.



Cell Line Development

SKU#      ABP-CS-CCCL001


Our custom project team has extensive experience in cell line establishment with great success rates. The project team has built new cell lines that permanently express different reporter genes such as Luciferase for cell based assays. Also available are lines that produce therapeutic proteins at industry production levels, and lines with simple over expression of your gene of interest as an exogenous gene.

  1. Cell lines for function assays in the fields of GPCR, ion channels, kinase, protease, etc.
  2. Cell lines for reporter assays using fluorescence proteins (our patented mTFP1 and others) or luciferase.
  3. Cell lines for protein production.

Required Materials:  Constructs for transfection, cells as host.

Deliverables:  At least 3 vials of frozen cells or customer-specified number of independent single cell lineages at additional costs.

Duration:  Typically 2 to 6 months

Price (USD): Average price is $ 4,900/line, depending on cell types, number of lines required, and type of assays required for screening.


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Features of Allele Biotech’s Cell Culture Service: