Cell Banking

Induced pluripotent stem cell banking enables the storage of personal stem cells in a state of unlimited potential. They can be transformed into any cell in the human body, allowing you to benefit from future medical breakthroughs in the field of personalized medicine. When combined with the insights of whole genome sequencing, iPSC banking provides a foundation for precision medicine and early stage disease prevention. You will also have the opportunity to share your information and cells with researchers studying diseases and developing new treatments. Induced pluripotent stem cells can be generated at any point in your life, unlike cord blood stem cells, which must be harvested within hours of birth. However, it is strongly recommended that you bank your stem cells as early as possible. The first step of cell banking is to extract cells from a patient sample. They are then analyzed and expanded to produce a large quantity of high quality cells. At this point the cells can either undergo reprogramming or they can be stored in vials suitable for cryogenic storage. All cellular material is frozen and stored at -196°C to halt cell growth and ensure preservation. Once cells are banked, they can be revived within hours for any intended application.

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