Directed Differentiation

Directed differentiation of both stem cells (iPS and Embryonic) and adult cells has been achieved recently through the addition of various factors.  Below is a listing of differentiation targets, and the various factors required to achieve those targets (based on the current publications available).  Factors that are linked to a product page have already been produced and are available for immediate purchase.  Factors that are not hyperlinked can be requested, and will be made on demand at which point we will carry it in stock.  The typical production time required is 1 to 2 weeks after we obtain the appropriate cDNA.  Unlisted factors can also be requested, please email with your requests for both listed and unlisted factors.


Cell Type Differentiation Factor
iPSC Oct 3/4
iPSC Sox2
iPSC c-Myc
iPSC Klf4
iPSC lin28
iPSC Nanog
iPSC Mir-302bcad/367
iPSC Mir-302
iPSC Mir-200c
iPSC Mir-369
Cardiomyocyte Tbx5
Cardiomyocyte Mef2c
Cardiomyocyte Gata-4
Cardiomyocyte Mesp1
Cardiomyocyte Mir-1-1
Neuron Brn2
Neuron Ascl1
Neuron Mytl1
Neuron Zic1
Neuron Lmx1a
Neuron FoxA2
Neuron NeuroD2
Neuron NeuroD1
Neuron Mir-9
Neuron Mir-124
Neuron Lhx3
Neuron Ngn2
Neuron Hb9
Neuron Isl1
Hepatocytes Gata-4
Hepatocytes HNF1-alpha
Hepatocytes HNF4-alpha
Hepatocytes Foxa1
Hepatocytes Foxa2
Hepatocytes Foxa3
Beta-Cell Ngn3
Beta-Cell Pdx1
Beta-Cell MafA
Beta-Cell VP16
Blood Progenitor Gata1
Blood Progenitor Gata2
Blood Progenitor Gata3
Blood Progenitor Gata-4
Myocytes MyoD
Myocytes Mir-1-1
Myocytes Mir-133
Myocytes Mir-143
Myocytes Mir-145
Osteoblast Mir-2861
Osteoclast C-fos
Osteoclast Mitf
Osteoclast Tfe3
Endothelium Runx1
Endothelium C-Myb