Oligonucleotide Synthesis


Allele's Oligonucleotide Synthesis Division has been providing oligos for almost a decade to San Diego research establishments, such as UCSD, SALK, Scripps and SDSU.  We specialize in very long oligos (e.g., 215 nt) and will ship or deliver most oligos within 1-3 days.  Our oligo synthesis service offers a large variety of synthesis scales, modifications, and purifications for our customer's various needs, including: sequencing, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Ligase Chain Reaction (LCR), reverse transcriptase PCR, hybridization studies, site directed mutagenesis, microarray experiments, dye terminator sequencing reactions, cloning and other techniques.

Allele offers discounted pricing for all academic institutions, please email us at
oligo@allelebiotech.com for specifics.

Free desalting, fully deprotected and ready to use, conveniently delivered in ddH2O with free concentration normalization.


For customers within our delivery range, we will deliver between 1:00-3:30pm. For all other customers, we will ship next-day. Please indicate any special delivery requests on the day of purchase by making a note in the “Comments” field or emailing us at oligo@allelebiotech.com


*Even with advanced technology, high-performance machines and elaborate programs, the efficiency of each chemical step of oligo synthesis is seldom above 99%. As a result, deletion events at 1-2% of elongating oligos must occur at each and every position. As the oligo length increases, these deletion mutations accumulate; therefore, long oligos are more affected by this problem than shorter oligos. We strongly recommend PAGE purification for oligonucleotides greater than 45 bases in length. We cannot guarantee the quality of oligonucleotides longer than 45 bases in length unless they are purified.