PhagoBurst (BurstTest) Kit


Leukocyte Oxidative Burst

A complete reagent kit for the quantification of oxidative leukocyte burst in whole blood samples using Flow Cytometry. Oxidative burst, or the rapid release of reactive oxygen species from cells, is used to degrade internalized particles and bacteria. Cells are incubated in stimuli to promote oxidative burst, intracellular fluorescence is measured to characterize leukocyte burst activity.

Work Flow



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Chronic granulomatous disease
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Oxidative burst activity can be influenced by a number of genetic and acquired conditions, such as:

  • Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) - PHAGOBURST is a rapid and sensitive method for the diagnosis of CGD and for the detection of X-linked carriers.
  • Translplant Patiets
  • Septicemic Patients
  • Patients with AIDS or other immunocompomising conditions

Additionally leukocyte burst can be depressed in neonatal or geriatric patients.  The PhagoBurst test enables the precise monitoring of burst activity to clearly determine an individuals current state.


  • A highly sensitive test conducted on heparanized whole blood
  • A short assay time of 1.5 hours
  • A clear, validated protocol using Flow Cytometry to provide consistent sample data.
  • A complete reagent kit containng all the necessary buffers and reagents for either 20 or patient samples.

Oxidative Burst in CGD Patients

The PhagoBurst Test is an excellent tool for diagnosing Chronic Granulomatous disease as well as X-linked carriers.  I provides health practitioners with an additional dimension of sample data other imunodiagnositc tests cannot provide.  As illustrated below, patients can have adequate phagocytic activity with severely reduced oxidative burst activity.

Phagocytic Activity


Oxidative Burst Activity


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