DNA/RNA Purification


SurfaceBind Technology

Allele's SurfaceBind product group is based on a novel Solid Surface
Reversible Binding (SSRB) technology.


Certain turbo-binders are coated on the inner surface of plates or tubes.


Mediators within the binding buffer allow for DNA or RNA to bind the coated surface, cell debris and protein remain in solution.


After a simple wash step, DNA or RNA can be eluted with a small amount of water or buffer for a downstream reaction.


Binding Efficiency: Traditionally, almost all nuclear acid purification technologies are based on silica membranes or magnetic beads. Typically, these methods will lose 30-50% of the nucleic acid due to insufficient binding, incomplete elution and dead space inherited with membrane and beads. In most cases, the amount of eluted nucleic acid is enough for the downstream applications. However, if your sample amount is limited and there is no room for any sample loss, Allele's SurfaceBind product group based on SSRB technology is a better alternative, recovering 80 – 90% of nucleic acid.

Elastic Elution Volume: Traditional nuclear acid purification technologies require a minimum elution volume, for example, 50ul for miniprep. Sometimes, researchers will decrease elution volume to get a higher concentration. However, this significantly decreases total yield due to incomplete elution. This could be a significant issue if your starting sample amount is limited.  In the case of SSRB, researchers may elute their product in a volume of less than 5µl without incurring any product loss.

Decreased Risk for Cross Contamination: SurfaceBind tubes or plates can be used for your reaction and your purification, allowing you to perform both steps in the same tube.  This eliminates the risk of cross contamination which is incurred during product transfer; and it also eliminates extra plastic use.

Omni-Tube PCR System

The Omni-Tube PCR system is optimized for performing PCR, digestion, ligation, and purification all in a single tube. No extra tubes, spin columns, filter plates, silica membranes, magnetic beads, vacuum or filtration steps are needed for purification. Additionally,  no transfer of reaction mixtures to different tubes is required when proceeding to downstream applications. Based on Solid Surface Reversible Binding technology, the Omni-Tube utilizes plastics coated with proprietary high-efficiency binders that selectively capture and efficiently bind DNA fragments (e.g. PCR products, digestions, ligations etc.). When binding buffer is added to solution, PCR amplicons or other types of DNA will specifically bind to the Omni-Tube while primers, fluorescent dyes, nucleotides, and other contaminants will remain in solution.

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SurfaceBind RNA Purification

The Surface Bind RNA Purification Kit is designed for the optimal purification of high-quality RNA from total RNA or enzymatic reactions, such as in vitro transcription. Based on Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) technology, this purification system utilizes micro-tube coated with proprietary turbo binders acting to selectively capture and efficiently bind RNA from reaction mixtures. No spin-column, filter plates, silica membranes, or magnetic beads are needed for clean-up, also no vacuum or filtration steps are required in the purification process.

In the presence of Binding Buffer, RNA molecules (ssRNA > 60 bases, dsRNA > 100 bps), including RNAs from in vitro transcription reactions, capped RNAs, amino allyl-modified RNAs, Biotin and Cy-dye labeled RNAs can specifically interact with the turbo binders and bind to the tubes while proteins, nucleotides, short oligo nucleotides, salts and other contaminants will remain in the solution. Unbound material is then removed in subsequent washing steps. The purified RNA is easily eluted in 10 mM Tris Elution Buffer or water allowing for downstream applications such as RT and other gene expression analysis directly in the same tube without sample elution.

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