Cell Line Development

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Description: Allele Biotech Custom Project team has extensive experience in cell line establishment with a great success rate. We have built new cell lines that permanently express different reporter genes such as Luciferase (check out our novel Luciferase activity detection kit ) for cell based assays, produced therapeutic proteins at industry production levels, and can create a simple overexpression of your gene of interest as an exogenous gene.
  Cell lines for Function assay in the fields of GPCR, ion channel, Kinase, protease et al.
  Cell lines for Reporter assay using Fluorescence Proteins (our patented mTFP1 and others ) or Luciferase.
  Cell lines for Protein Production.
Required Materials: Constructs for transfection, cells as host.
Deliverables: At least 3 vials of frozen cells or customer-specified number of independent single cell lineages at additional costs
Duration: Typically 2 to 6 months
Price (USD): Average price is $4,900/line, depending on cell types, number of lines required, type of assays required for screening, etc.

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