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Providing cutting edge technology, reagents and custom services in the fields of nano-antibodies, iPSCs, Fluorescent Proteins, Viral/Protein Expression, and RNAi. Our product offering includes: nAb Nano Antibodies, GFP-nAb, mNeonGreen-nAb, Fluorescent proteins, mNeonGreen, mMaple, mWasabi, mTFP1, viral packaging, antibodies, RNAi, viral expression, iPSC generation, mRNA iPSC, RiPSC, Genome Editing, CRISPR, Lentiviral packaging, retroviral packaging, cre/loxp, mouse tail lysis buffer, One-Step Genotyping, PCR enzymes & reagents, Luciferase Assay Kit, oligo synthesis, custom packaging services, pre-packaged viruses, recombinant proteins, PCR reagents, siRNA, shRNA, insect cell lines, retroviral cell lines, Gryphon™ pCHAC Retrovirus, sapphire baculovirus system, DNA synthesis CPG, genotyping, competent cells, spreading beads, PCR cloning, TA cloning kit, cell production, cell line development.