By harnessing the power of mRNA technology in cellular engineering — particularly

  • the consistent quality of mRNA production,
  • the high efficiency of delivery into cells,
  • the rapid degradation post-function, and
  • the safety profile inherent in the absence of nuclear events —

Allele has incorporated mRNA technology into its genome editing platform, building upon its successful applications in fibroblast reprogramming and iPSC differentiation.


The integration of “Mad7” and “mRNA” creates a distinctive synergy that enhances efficiency and reliability, serving as the cornerstone of our cGMP genome editing platform. Furthermore, leveraging over a decade of experience in Allele’s cGMP cell production process development, we have established and validated a reliable iPSC genome editing platform. Allele’s cGMP cell production processes adhere strictly to the principles of Quality by Design (QbD) as well as rigorous verification and validation processes. What we offer isn’t merely a product or service manufactured or implemented with good notetaking or in a cGMP facility; rather, we deliver comprehensive cGMP-compliant products and services.

iPSC Manufacturing

Whether your objective involves knock-out, knock-in, or the insertion of an expression cassette into a secure locus, our platform can facilitate cGMP operations promptly, requiring minimal protocol adjustments to suit your needs.

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