iPSC research efforts at Allele were initiated as early as 2010, and by 2012, we had established and published our mRNA reprogramming technology. Subsequently, we dedicated ourselves to meticulous cGMP process and analytical development. Upon launching our cGMP fibroblast reprogramming process and iPSC expansion process in 2016, we remained steadfast in our commitment to comprehensive life cycle cGMP development for iPSC culture. This encompasses cryopreservation, thawing, seeding, dissociation, selection, expansion, formulation, filling, as well as most cell processing techniques, notably, various types of transfections and single cell cloning. Our experience in this suite of workflows ensured readiness for the potential demands arising from complex cellular engineering endeavors.

Custom cGMP iPSC Line Development

Operating within the rigorous framework of cGMP manufacturing and Quality Management Systems, Allele’s iPSC team has garnered unparalleled expertise in iPSC handling on a global scale, spanning research, development, and cGMP operational settings. Leveraging this advantage, Allele has solidified its position as a genome editing expert specializing in iPSCs.

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