Allele Biotechnology is actively engaged in combating the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Starting in January 2020, our dedicated research team has initiated projects utilizing our cutting-edge iPSC and Nanoantibody (nAb) platforms to create impactful diagnostics and therapeutics, while our bioinformatics team analyzed the initial 6 thousand SARS-CoV-2 genomes by April.  Below is a summary of what Allele Biotechnology has been working on throughout the pandemic in an effort to address the critical needs of communities everywhere. 



COVID-19 Nanoantibodies for Diagnostic Development: Allele Biotechnology, through its subsidiary Allele Diagnostics Inc., is offering bulk quantities of anti SARS-CoV-2 nanoantibodies. For antibody details and ordering information click here.

nAb based Semi-Quantitative and future Quantitative Antibody and Antigen testing: Allele Biotechnology is developing a powerful new generation of nanoantibody based diagnostic kits that will allow for rapid semi-quantitative detection of COVID-19 antigens, or the detection of COVID-19 antibodies.  Both tests will employ telemedicine and machine learning to increase test accuracy and sensitivity. 

Conventional IgG Antibody Testing:  Allele Biotechnology has initiated a clinical trial in Texas to bring a more conventional IgG antibody test that provides results in minutes to the market for widescale Point of Care (POC) usage.  The POC designation will drastically increase test accessibility. Allele is planning further studies for home use with the same single-step product, with the ultimate goal of supplying COVID-19 tests for anybody, anywhere at an affordable cost.



Intervention: Allele Biotechnology is developing numerous nanoantibodies as therapeutic candidates against COVID-19.  In addition to traditional forms of administration, IV and IM injections, nanoantibodies can be delivered directly to the lung through inhalation.  nAbs are uniquely suited for the construction of multivalent compounds that can engage multiple targets found on COVID-19 and serve as a robust prophylactic treatment option.

Immunomodulation: An emerging concern is an overactive immune response to COVID-19.  Allele Biotechnology is developing two different therapeutic candidates to address this.  The first is a multivalent nAb to rapidly reduce inflammation and help with recovery.  The second is a cell therapy approach based on iPSC derived mesenchymal stem cells to help modulate the immune system.  Mesenchymal stem cells, which are present in bone marrow and adipose tissue, are known for their ability to travel to sites of injury and promote and anti-inflammatory effect. iPSCs serve as a limitless source of cells that can be efficiently differentiated into immunomodulating MSCs.

Immunization: Another effective approach for COVID-19 that is being widely explored is immunization.  Allele Biotechnology is taking a different approach from most and developing specially treated iPSC derived vesicles presenting COVID-19 specific antigens via mRNA expression.