What are Nanoantibodies?

Nanoantibodies are single-domain antibodies that are comprised of the antigen-binding domain of a camelid heavy-chain only antibody.



  • Nanoantibodies have many advantages over conventional antibodies including high affinity, superior permeability through tissues, access to buried epitopes, higher stability, and lower production cost.
  • Nanoantibodies are amenable to the state-of-the-art antibody engineering including humanization and drug conjugation.


Nanoantibodies as Biologics



Enabling Nanoantibodies as Biologics

The small size and unique physical properties of nanoantibodies enable us to treat them like building blocks and generate multivalent, multispecific, and bi-paratopic constructs that can also be linked to payloads or drug conjugates.

Linking multiple nanoantibodies into a single antibody aggregate with multiple valencies and/or specificities is a simple process and can drastically increase drug efficacy by:

  • Increasing the affinity and stability of the biologic drug
  • Endowing the molecule with a unique target specificity


Allele Biotechnology has received multiple federal grants over the past decade to develop new nanoantibodies against dozens of clinically relevant targets. We have multiple drug candidates currently in the advanced stage of pre-clinical development. Our focus areas and targets include:

  • Immunology:
    • ALL-I-0143 is a bi-specific nanoantibody drug being developed as an autoimmune therapeutic. Additional targets currently in development include CD3, CD4, CD14, CD16, IL2, PD1L, PD1, GITR.
  • Oncology:
    • ALL-C-2137 is a multivalent nanoantibody targeting HER2 and is in the advanced stages of pre-clinical development. Other targets currently in development include VEGF, FGF2, CD19, CD20 and OX40.
  • Neuroscience:
    • Nanoantibodies against amyloid beta, FG01, alpha synuclein, and additional undisclosed targets are being developed for Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and Eye Diseases.



Clinical Programs


Active Programs


Pipeline Table.png


All-i-0143 – Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Acute Sepsis

A proprietary TNFα nanoantibody to alleviate the symptoms of autoimmune diseases like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Acute Sepsis.


All-c-2137 – Breast Carcinoma

A proprietary HER2 nanoantibody targeting HER2 positive solid tumor tissue.


All-c-2533 – Eye Disease

A nanoantibody against a proprietary target for the treatment of eye diseases.