mRNA Reprogramming

The term ‘mRNA’ entered the public lexicon in a massive way with the impact of mRNA vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. But did you know that the technological advancement of mRNA vaccines had a much-acclaimed predecessor, known as mRNA reprogramming? While mRNA vaccines apply mRNA technology to making vaccines, mRNA reprogramming employs it in the domains of cell biology and cell therapy development.

mRNA Reprogramming

Allele Biotech is both fortunate and proud to have been one of the two pioneering groups in the realm of mRNA reprogramming, initiating our development back in 2010 and subsequently publishing our method in 2012 ( We have played a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and consistency of this technology, ultimately paving the way for its seamless transition into cGMP production. In fact, we are the world’s first to establish a cGMP reprogramming and iPSC expansion facility, since 2018.

Some additional information about Allele Biotech’s cGMP mRNA reprogramming:
  • Efficiency translates to the fact that reprogramming can be completed in as fast as a week

  • Consistency signifies an impeccable track record over the past 12 years since the establishment of the technology at Allele Biotech.

  • Speaking of cGMP at Allele Biotech, it encompasses an end-to-end approach. This spans from donor recruitment to cGMP banking and shipping, all underpinned by a commitment to quality-by-design and validation.

  • One needs to be cautious about how ‘cGMP’ is defined by a facility. Be wary of those that merely advertise cGMP but lack a validation process or the underpinning quality management system.

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