We are Allele, the first dedicated provider of cGMP iPSCs and cell therapy CDMO (development and manufacturing).

The only all-in-one provider of clinical grade iPSCs, allied technologies, and CDMO services to accelerate life-saving immuno-oncology and regenerative medicine cell therapy programs.

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Allele is the one-stop solution for iPSC development

  • Over a decade of experience serving personalized iPSC approaches to clients from start-ups to biopharma companies.
  • We produce the best-in-class commercial-ready iPSCs, providing a clean slate for cell therapy development.

iPSCs are consistent, scalable, and devoid of ethical issues

  • ​​Master iPSC lines provide unmatched consistency and are easily scaled-up or frozen down, saving time and money with unparalleled efficiency.
  • Commercial-ready off-the-shelf iPSC lines considerably reduce your development time and make your cell therapies dramatically more cost-effective per dose.

Allele is the first cGMP-grade iPSC provider in the US

  • Robust technology: Using a proprietary patented mRNA system, we generate iPSCs that are footprint-free, feeder-free, and xeno-free-—with no risk of genomic integration and no vector cleanup phase.
  • Start with the endpoint in mind: Our iPSCs meet strict regulatory standards, enabling you to seamlessly transition from scientific development to commercial deployment.
  • cGMP from the get-go: From donor recruitment through differentiation, we are your iPSC experts. Explore our capabilities infographic.
Explore our capabailities Infographic.

Unlock the Potential of iPSCs in Cell Therapy

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